Thank you for visiting our website. We are a family owned business, father and son operated, with over 30 years experience. Our business has succeeded with honesty, quality work, meeting customer needs and competitive pricing.

At our shops, customers pay considerably less than dealerships, major corporations and many independent shops. We repair vehicles right the first time and do receive much referral business from other local shops when they run into difficult repairs. In fact, we have customers that come to see us after the dealer could not repair their vehicle. Over the last ten years we have accomplished something that really says a lot about how dedicated we are about our work. We have one of the highest ratings for failed emission tests in the state. July of 2003, the air team had been monitoring our progress and came down to our facility to meet us and congratulate us. Here is the link.

At that point, we were growing at a rapid rate and decided we would need a new facility and opened it up by the end of that year. While most shops can attempt to correct a failed emission test and charge a customer regardless of the outcome, we have a policy: if we can not get your vehicle to pass the emission test, you will not pay! We guarantee it. On average, it takes a couple hours to repair a vehicle for a failed emission test. If needed, the drive cycle is followed and when all vehicle monitors are ready, the vehicle is immediately brought to an EPA station to retest. Customers that bring their vehicles to our shops for failed emission tests leave with a passed vehicle without having to take it to the station themselves.

We have a large inventory of exhaust for most makes and models. Replacing a muffler or exhaust pipe usually takes no longer than 45 minutes. Catalytic converters can be custom made to fit almost any exhaust system. We prefer to use direct fit exhaust and not universal style for better performance and longer life!